About Gen 2 Wave, Zebra p330 and Honeywell 1900

gen 2 wave

The advantages of Gen 2 Wave.

There are some other advantages of gen 2 wave except the ordinary printing function, the same as general printing machines.

Its quality has been industrialized, without limitation of quantity of printing pieces.
It can process the printing work day and night without any guarding and watching.

Not restrained with the printing material, gen 2 wave can print PET, copper plate paper, thermo-sensitive paper, self-adhesive label, polyester、PVC, other synthetic material and sewn-in label cloth and so on.

The letters and pictures adopted thermal-transparent resist cratches, the products adopted special carbon ribbon printing can resist water, dirty, corrosion, high heat an so on.

The printing speed is super fast, and the fastest speed of the great machine can reach 10 inches (24 cm) per second.

Gen 2 wave printing machine can print continuous serial number as well, in addition, it can connect database and do the batch printing as well.

Generally speaking, the tagboard is several hundred meters long, and it can reach thousands to tens of thousands of small labels, and tag printing machine adopts continuous printing mode, so as to make it much easier to store and to clear up.

Gen 2 waveis off working environment limitations.

Using the special machine, the longest single tag can reach more than 120 cm.

The features of zebra p330i intellectualization and its plentiful connectors make itself available to get access to a lot kinds of devices and main engines. Without any support of PC machine, it can independently execute user program as well.

In addition, cast magnesium alloy structure is durable and light in weight.
Industrial bar code printer, zebra p330, has sturdy die casting metal shell. And its advantages are as following, powerful rel-time connection, outstanding compatibility and low price. Zebra p330 not only meets the need of industrial field use, but also satisfy manufacturers’ demand of high quality printing.

The fast speed of honeywell 1900 makes itself more distinct than needle printers. On the market, the print speed of industrial-grade barcode printers can be up to 16 inches per second for the same machine, the faster the speed, the lower the accuracy. When users put honeywell 1900 into use,they must adjust the machine to strive for the perfect combination of speed and accuracy.