Familiar Printer Brands: Sato Printer,Ring printer,rfid printer

Ring printer

Here are some familiar printer brands in the moder printers markets, they are Sato Printer, Ring printer, rfid printer. Bar code printer is a special one among printers. The biggest difference between Sato Printer and common printer is that, Sato Printer does the printing work on the basis of heat, and finishes the printing work through thermal transfer ribbons as the transmitter or directly using thermal papers. Relatively, the biggest advantage of this kind of printing lies here, it can process high speed printing continuously under the situation of no watching or guiding. And it can handle quite a lot of things, such as, enterprise brand marks, serial number identifications, package identifications, bar code identifications, envelopes labels, clothing tags, and so on.

Just as its name implies, rfid printer does well in printing code. It is a special kind among all the printers in the markets. Generally, common bar code printers are mainly used in supermarkets and shops, big or small, all need it. Barcode printer, through print head, imprints the ink (on the carbon ribbon, the same as needle dozen ribbon ) on barcode printing pape. And the printing paper of adhesive type is standardized according to sizes. If you do not mind its narrowness, you can also consider it as common printer and use it. The train tickets are also printed by rfid printers.

The most important part of bar code printer is print head. And the print head is composed of thermistors. During the process of printing, when the thermistors get heated, then it transfer the carbon powder from the carbon ribbon to the print paper. As a result, when you want to select and buy bar code printer, you need to pay special attention to the print head, as the core of all the processing work is the perfect cooperation between the print head and carbon ribbon. The good news is that at the present in the domestic market, a better choice is Ring printer. Due to some differences of the brands, there are mainly two kinds of print heads. One type is of flat pressing. It means all the print head is pressed on the carbon ribbon, and this kind of print head is flexible to fit all kinds of carbon ribbons, so this kind of print head has been used extensively. This kind of print head is the most common, and the most used to all kinds of brands. ]

Desktop bar code machine(Sato Printer)is small economic bar code printing device, suitable to mobile offices of small and medium-sized enterprises. Besides, they have more advantages, compact size, sturdy construction, powerful function and low price.

Zebra QL series(Ring printer)is small in size, easy to take and anti-environmental interference. It is also adopted the infrared or blue tooth technology as print data communication interface.